Keeping the campus maintained is your first priority - That's difficult with the number of buildings and equipment throughout the campus.

How do you ensure that equipment readings are being done regularly and that you're using this data to its full advantage to keep the students and faculty safe? 

SmartRounds is a digital platform facility engineers use to input equipment readings, surveys, inspections, and more directly from any digital device, exponentially increasing data quality while significantly decreasing the time needed to analyze data.  


Verify & Analyze

Imagine your crew equipped with the full digital library of maintenance records anywhere they travel on campus. The next time your engineer checks Chiller #2, they are able to pull up the past 12 months of readings for comparison and instantly share results with the rest of your team.

That is the power of SmartRounds, transforming basic data into actionable information that will inform future operations.

How SmartRounds Can Help:

  • Streamline the process of collecting, storing, and analyzing information collected on equipment checks, facilities walkthroughs, etc.
  • Provides an accurate real-time view of operations campus-wide, giving a new layer of accountability on your campus
  • Improve Communications between members of your campus' Facilities Management team - One centralized place of record makes information easy to find

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