SmartCompliance is Vitralogy’s intelligent compliance tool, now in beta.

Our comprehensive project management software is rolling out this summer.

Rethink Compliance.

SmartCompliance is a project management solution unlike any other. With pre-loaded workflows and decision-logic, our platform is custom-tailored to the regulations you need to manage.

SmartCompliance is intelligent and scalable so you can organize and manage everything from Fire Safety to Cooling Tower Compliance to Boiler and Elevator Inspections all in one place – no matter the regulatory body or requirements. Whether you manage one building or 100, SmartCompliance guides you on the path to success.

SmartCompliance dashboard example SmartCompliance dashboard example SmartCompliance dashboard example SmartCompliance dashboard example

It all starts here.

Our Compliance Management Playbook makes all the difference. Your customized SmartCompliance solution is pre-loaded with our one-of-a-kind Regulatory Wiki Templates, which define and track the step-by-step processes for 70+ NYC Laws and Regulations.

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How Does It Work?

We designed and built our tool to actively keep you on target.

Say one of your buildings has a Domestic Gravity Tank which requires you to file an annual inspection; another building has a Sprinkler Gravity Tank that requires an annual inspection, no filing necessary. 

Usually, you’d have to maintain separate calendars for each building, into which you’d manually input critical dates: inspection and filing dates, routine maintenance scheduling, and more. You’d need to keep paper records on hand to produce for city inspectors at any time. And you’d have to remind your staff about incoming inspections and necessary maintenance. 

SmartCompliance does this work for you. Here’s how.

  • Input what regulation you’re tracking and enter the date of your last inspection, and the Critical Date Calendar will populate with accurate upcoming deadlines. 
  • Our Critical Date Calendar will use our comprehensive Regulatory Wiki to automatically populate the SmartCompliance platform with step-by-step requirements and inspection and filing dates.
  • Upload all relevant documentation—schematics, past inspections, and more—so all you have to bring to your inspection is your phone or tablet. 
  • The whole staff receives push notifications for upcoming deadlines and assigned tasks.
  • If anyone tries to change a date on the calendar, SmartCompliance will flag it and warn you if this date change will push you past due.
  • Track custom KPIs and work with our account management team to ensure total compliance.


Virtual File Cabinet

Our intelligently organized asset information repository lets you upload, attach, and access all necessary documentation for inspections and filings. From certifications to inspection photos to OATH hearing summonses, important documents are always just a click away.



Executive Overview Reports

Get portfolio-wide insight into exactly where you are within every compliance process. KPIs and custom metrics are at your fingertips.



Critical Date Calendar

Intelligent Updating pre-populates project start dates, deadlines for compliance requirements, and OATH hearing dates across your portfolio in one central location. Get status updates and project next steps right from your calendar view.



Intelligent Project Management

SmartCompliance keeps you on the path to compliance with pre-loaded project plans and built in Corrective Action tasks. Even failed inspections and violations are easily addressed with our sophisticated built-in decision logic workflows.

You’re in charge.

You’re in charge. You’re the driver, and SmartCompliance is the GPS. Let us set the path for you so you can get to where you need to be.

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