Service Validation

Provide your team with intelligent, fully automated, service validation tools that will transform your operations.


Leveraging intelligent operational technology to drive efficiency.

Today's businesses are arming themselves with technology to help them stay competitive and to scale for the future.

Vitralogy has designed and built a Service Validation tool that works "in-line" with your current work order management system, or as it's own standalone intelligent maintenance solution for any trade or service that needs to be monitored.

If you are still counting on KPIs and metrics that are outdated and simply don't move the needle, then maybe it's time you see what Vitralogy has to offer.  


Lowers costs by up to 30%

Lowers costs by up to 30%

Our real-time service audit allows only valid services through for invoicing. Our real-time audit is now part of the service deliver workflow. Services are validated at the time the service is actually being rendered. 

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Our Service Validation solution provides an "in-line" service delivery workflow for facility services that need more attention. It is easy to deploy, provides real visibility, and monitors and manages everything. 

Monitors & Validates

Monitors & Validates

Intelligent workflows integrate with a number of technologies including artificial intelligence, service automation and fast data to ensure the services performed at your store were "actually performed."

Service Validation for Snow

Service Validation is just one of the many tools that Vitralogy uses in managing your Snow.

We ensure all of the services that you are invoiced for meet Scope and Service Level Agreements and were accurately performed. How do we do it?

Validation & Service Automation tools

Our Validation & Service Automation tools include:

  • Weather Data & Weather Apps
  • Certified Snow Totals
  • Geo-Location Meta Data
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Optimization
  • Mobile Service App by Vitralogy
  • Artificial Intelligence by Vitralogy
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Post Season Audits

Post Season Audits

Snow season over? All is not lost. Vitralogy offers a postseason audit and service validation solution designed to help you recover lost revenue from service inaccuracies – at no cost to you. What's lost is now found.

  • Weather Data & Certified Snow Totals
  • Scope of Work, Historical, and Invoice Data
  • Service Agreement Data
  • A.I. Vendor Validation Portal by Vitralogy
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Legionella Compliance

Legionella regulations are complex. Vitralogy is simple.

While Vitralogy is one of the most robust business process automation systems in the world, it was originally conceived as a Legionella Compliance workflow solution for facilities requiring a Cooling Tower Maintenance Program and Plan.

Because of the complexities that surround Legionnaire's Disease, laws were enacted to stave off the spread of legionella before the market had a sufficient answer to manage compliance.

The engineers at Vitralogy worked diligently to craft a solution that contemplated every aspect of the law in an effort to create seamless, transparent and integrated workflows. 


Our App-Based Solution

Our App-Based Solution

Vitralogy was created to help facility managers operate at peak performance and capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our app-based solution helps mitigate the fines and risks associated with Legionella by intelligently automating the complexities of your Cooling Tower Maintenance Program and Plan (MPP)  and ensures that every participant in the process is in complete harmony with NYC law.

Vitralogy's goal is to enhance and simplify the compliance process while saving time and money.

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  • Visibility: A Weekly Exposure Report clearly shows which regulations are out of compliance, what the related fines are and which processes were not followed.
  • Accountability: Every participant in the Legionella Compliance process has total visibility into the platform and can easily identify where process breakdowns and risk of noncompliance lie.
  • Mitigation: Proactively identify jobs that can be corrected before falling out of compliance.
  • Analytics: Easily recognize patterns and trends in your Compliance process to identify and track KPI's.
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Give your staff the technology and automation it needs to stay compliant.

Managing a facility means accepting responsibility for the health and safety of its inhabitants. For healthcare facilities that responsibility is even greater.

Those who have put their care and trust in the hands of your healthcare facility, whether it’s a hospital, nursing home, or even a clinic, are often the ones at the greatest risk of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease.

The elderly, immunocompromised, and those with chronic lung problems are all less equipped to fight the dangerous bacteria that exists in 70% of healthcare facility water systems, making the need to have a Water Management Program compliant with Legionella regulations all the more imperative.

Follow the correct path to compliance.

Follow the correct path to compliance.

  • Vitralogy was designed and built to follow both ASHRAE 188-2018 and CMS Standards
  • Potable Water & Cooling Tower jobs are already pre-scheduled on the platform
  • Your facility already has a Water Management Plan. We help to put it on auto-pilot
  • All important milestones, audits and tests are followed up with a phone call to ensure nothing is missed
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High Tech + High Touch

High Tech + High Touch

  • The Vitralogy platform is the most sophisticated in the Compliance field as it learns from trends and data – minute by minute
  • While technology is where everything is headed, it's our 24/7 compliance team that makes this solution game-changing
  • Every stakeholder can now collaborate together in real-time
  • Water treaters, consultants, engineers and laboratories have complete visibility and are guided on all time-sensitive tasks
  • Communication & Collaboration is seamless between every stakeholder
  • Reminders including: SMS Text, Email and Phone Calls are designed to keep everyone on schedule and to ensure Compliance is being met
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