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Keep your tenants happy by keeping your facilities running smoothly.

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The tenants don’t just see your team as staff—you’re the ones who keep their homes safe and comfortable. What happens in your tenants’ spaces depends on what happens in your facilities, which means maintaining mechanical equipment and keeping common areas clean and welcoming.


  • Maintain equipment 
  • Keep common areas clean and inviting
  • Comply with local laws and regulations
  • Keep tenants happy


  • Balancing routine maintenance with tenant requests
  • High demand on your equipment
  • Limited insight into local laws

How Vitralogy can help:


Never worry about balancing routine maintenance with as-needed tenant tasks again.

  • Complete and document all rounds, walkthroughs, and inspections with your phone or tablet
  • Compare readings to see trends in equipment health
  • Use push notifications to assign and alert team to deadlines
  • Tag equipment with RFID or QR codes to tie information to certain locations, keeping your data clean and organized and verifying your staff’s presence
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Never miss an important date or violate local ordinances again.

  • Receive proactive alerts about compliance deadlines or potential violations
  • Access your inspection-ready Virtual Binder for any governing body and compliance requirement, anywhere you have your phone or table
  • Receive data analysis from your personalized account management team
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