Platform Features

See how Vitralogy uses predictive technologies, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation to help your business to drive efficiencies and stay competitive.

1. Scheduling

  1. All jobs pre-scheduled and ready in portal for engineers and vendors.

  2. Vendors will never miss a 90-day test again.

  3. Scheduling and job creation rules are compliant to NYC law.

  4. Conditional jobs like emergency water treatment jobs created and scheduled automatically.


2. Alerts

  1. Vendors sent a 10-day reminder before 90 day tests are due.

  2. If vendor does not acknowledge, Vitralogy account management will call vendor for confirmation.

  3. Alerts sent to engineer for missed or late jobs.

  4. Repeated late jobs will be followed up with in person call to chief engineer or property manager.


3. Documentation

  1. All jobs documented whether performed by engineer, water treatment company, environmental consultant, or any other vendor.
  2. Job summary PDF’s emailed to engineer immediately upon completion which can be printed out and added to onsite log binder.
  3. All water chemistry measurements captured with monthly export to excel available.
  4. Corrective actions designed to capture additional documentation and notification as per law.
  5. Biological process control indicator results can be automatically sent to NYC portal weekly.
  6. Legionella tests, 90 day inspections, and annual certifications can be sent to NYS portal upon job completion.


4. Notifications

  1. Vendors and Engineers are notified of any outstanding compliance tasks or issues.

  2. Engineers can customize to be notified about important events i.e. results of 90 day tests, elevated bacteria count, or emergency corrective actions.

  3. VP’s can subscribe to weekly notification report if over notification is a concern.


5. Compliance Exposure Reports

  1. Management sent a weekly exposure report of entire portfolio.

  2. Easily see which regulations are out of compliance; what the related fines are; and which vendor was repsonsible for the broken process
  3. Detail report provides complete visibility into the entire process including communication logs for accountability


6. Easy to Use

  1. Jobs in portal take just a few minutes to complete.

  2. App available for android and iOS with offline functionality - no WiFi needed to input data

  3. No need to use pen and paper to collect results.

  4. No charge for vendors to use platform.

  5. Live help available with click of a button.  Call center staffed and located in NY.

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