MPP Providers

Whether you are a certified industrial hygienist, water technologist or facilities engineer, if you are the designated Maintenance Program Plan provider for a cooling tower then you bear an enormous responsibility. 

Apart from the inherent risk of bacteria build up and system malfunction, we now know more about the causes of Legionella and the relationship to cooling towers. New laws have put in place stringent performance and maintenance guidelines that adhere to scientific principles and good government initiatives. Unfortunately, the laws have also created confusion in the marketplace with respect to documentation and procedures. 
  • Track progress
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Eliminate Violations
  • Protect the Population
  • Schedule Repairs and Maintenance
  • Monitor Performance and Log Corrective Measures
MPP Providers
Legionella Compliance

Vitralogy was originally conceived as the complete solution for MPP providers, specific to Legionella testing. As such, Legionella is usually the gateway into the Vitralogy ecosystem for most vendors, facility managers, certifiers and MPP providers. Once inside the Vitralogy network, they are quickly introduced to the most robust and transparent facility management system ever created. Even if you don't require the full breadth of the platform, the Vitralogy App is the single most powerful, intuitive and comprehensive system on the market when it comes to Cooling Tower Maintenance.

MPP Providers must deal with one of the most complex processes in facilities management. From weekly system monitoring and scheduling replacement parts without interruption to culture testing and imperative corrective actions, the MPP provider plays a significant role in protecting the health and safety of those within a facility and the surrounding radius. 

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