Your patients’ health depends on your facility’s health.

Tanks of oxygen stored in healthcare facility

You’re focused on your patients and their health. But in order to keep your patients as priority number one, you need to maintain your facility. All of your equipment—from the boilers, chillers, and cooling towers to the medical gas tanks and negative pressure systems—is on-demand at all times. Down time is not an option.


  • Keep your equipment running smoothly
  • Maintain a safe, healthy environment
  • Comply with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services water safety plan standards
  • Meet Hospital Joint Commission standards to maintain accreditation


  • Constant facility demand that puts stress on your equipment
  • A staff that’s stretched thin
  • Constant changes to industry standards

How Vitralogy can help:


Keep on top of your daily rounds and keep your equipment running smoothly.

  • Complete all rounds, walkthroughs, and inspections using your phone or tablet
  • Graph and compare readings to track trends and keep on top of your equipment’s health
  • Tag equipment with RFID or QR codes so you can tie information to specific locations, verifying presence and keeping staff accountable
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Never lapse out of compliance or miss an important date again.

  • Keep track of all due dates for inspections and required filings
  • Receive proactive alerts for potential violations
  • Access your inspection-ready Virtual Binder for any governing body and compliance requirement, anywhere you have your phone or tablet
  • Receive data analysis from your personalized account management team
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