Healthcare facilities are mission-critical - you cannot afford breakdowns when lives are at risk. 

Your engineers perform daily rounds on the mechanical equipment while your compliance officer does Environment of Care and Life Safety surveys. All to keep your patients and faculty safe. 

Imagine your Life Safety Coordinator being able to perform mock surveys daily right from their smartphone/tablet. The results automatically spin up a work order to have any outstanding issue addressed. Keeping secure digital records of every detail throughout the process. 

3 Phone - EOC LS

Rethink what engineering rounds can do for your facility.

Imagine your Plant Operations crew being able to monitor equipment readings in the same way, easily logging and storing the data into a digital file cabinet so the next time your engineer goes to check Chiller #2 – they have instant access to all the previous readings, making it easier for them to identify issues earlier. 

How SmartRounds can help: 

  • Complete walkthroughs, rounds, and surveys using any device, anywhere in your facility – even without WiFi. 
  • Quickly analyze and compare the collected data with SmartGraphs – easily identify issues and trends. 
  • SmartTagging allows you to implement time-stamped verification of when & where your engineers were in front of specific equipment or in certain rooms. 

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