Data Centers

Keep your servers running to keep the digital world running.

Data center server room

Server downtime can bring down your facility. You need to keep your chillers, CRAC and CRAH units, and generators running at all times: functional physical infrastructure is what makes the digital world possible. Breakdowns can spell disaster for your data center.


  • Maintain physical infrastructure
  • Keep your server farm at optimal temperatures
  • Keep the power running


  • Equipment breakdown seriously harms server output
  • High demand on mechanical equipment 
  • Hyper-specific temperature and humidity requirements for delicate equipment
  • Need for proactive maintenance
  • Constant demand on staff

How Vitralogy can help:


Easily handle high-demand maintenance needs and track who is around your equipment.

  • Complete all rounds, walkthrough, and inspections on your phone or tablet
  • Document, graph, and compare readings to see trends in equipment health
  • Assign as-needed tasks for emergency maintenance and guest requests
  • Tag equipment with RFID or QR codes to tie information to certain locations, keeping data clean and organized and require staff proof of presence
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Track critical data and never be caught off-guard again.

  • Receive proactive alerts about compliance deadlines or potential violations
  • Access your inspection-ready Virtual Binder for any governing body and compliance requirement, anywhere you have your phone or table
  • Receive data analysis from your personalized account management team
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