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Streamline your operations to create a productive environment and support your building’s success.

Chiller plant

Success for you is all about what goes on in the back-of-house. Your chiller plant, boiler room, and cooling towers must be operating at all times so the tenants in your building can keep working.


  • Facilitate all building maintenance
  • Keep your engineers in front of the equipment
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Stay on top of local laws and regulations


  • Recording multiple rounds a day on log sheets gets messy and can lead to missed metrics
  • Constant demand on your equipment and staff
  • Trying to juggle keeping costs low and finding the best solutions for your team
  • Changing local laws and regulations

How Vitralogy can help:


Using technology to streamline operations and keep on top of daily operations.

  • Complete all rounds, walkthroughs, and inspections using your phone or tablet
  • Send push notifications and assign as-needed tasks to keep your whole team on the same page and keep operations running smoothly between routine maintenance and  one-off tasks
  • Graph and compare readings to track trends and keep on top of your equipment’s health
  • Tag equipment with RFID or QR codes so you can tie information to specific locations, verifying presence and keeping staff accountable
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Marrying technology and account management to optimize compliance.

  • Keep track of all due dates for inspections and required filings
  • Receive proactive alerts for potential violations
  • Access your inspection-ready Virtual Binder for any governing body and compliance requirement, anywhere you have your phone or tablet
  • Receive data analysis from your personalized account management team
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