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April 08, 2020   •   2 minute read

Why You No Longer Need Paper Maintenance Log Sheets

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For as long as professionals have been performing maintenance rounds, clipboard and paper maintenance log sheets have been king. Whether you’re checking your building’s boilers, elevators, or cooling towers, you likely use a printed-out paper log sheet that follows a general template. But that's inefficient and leaves too much room for error. Fortunately, there’s a much better way of maintaining log sheets.

Switching to an electronic system is easy and can increase the efficiency of your maintenance operations.

Below are the leading reasons to replace your paper sheets with an electronic maintenance log system:

Organize and maintain files easily.

With paper log sheets, you need to:

  • Print out blank sheets for every round your team performs
  • Develop a dated filing system divided by round type (e.g., Boiler Rounds March 2020, Chiller Rounds July 2019)
  • File and access your rounds in one physical location
  • Dig through old file folders for past rounds
  • Hand-calculate and manually track patterns in order to analyze your raw data

With a digital log sheet system, you can file your rounds automatically, using your phone, from anywhere. That means avoiding time-consuming trips to the office to file information. You can also set up your electronic system to automatically organize rounds based on date, round type, and more, depending on your team’s needs.


Physical location no longer matters—you can find what you’re looking for from wherever you are.

With paper logs, recalling boiler pressure from two weeks ago or calculating the average PSI over the course of a quarter means locating relevant logs and poring over the data. With electronic log sheets, you and your team no longer need the physical paper on which you wrote your information in front of you.

You can instead open your app and look up the necessary data.


Track only what you want to.

There’s no shortage of paper log sheet templates available online, which is certainly convenient. But with generic templates come tasks you don’t need to track. That means wasted paper and wasted time, either spent crossing out the rounds you don’t need to track or editing rigid templates. With an electronic system, you can develop a custom rounds sheet to track only pertinent information.


Track analytics and identify patterns faster.

One of the main functions of log sheets is determining patterns to prevent breakdowns. For example, checking if the boiler pressure is higher than it was last week, or confirming if your chiller’s condenser and evaporator water flow is slower than it should be.

With paper log sheets, you have to dig back through weeks and weeks of paper, looking at PSI and water flow read-outs to determine if there’s a problem.

But humans make mistakes. Numbers get missed, handwriting is sloppy, and decimal points can be misinterpreted. With electronic rounds solutions like Vitralogy’s SmartRounds, you enter your information into the app, and it automatically tracks numbers and analyzes the data for you, alerting you to any disconcerting patterns, whether in the rounds themselves or in team members’ performances.

That could mean the difference between finding an anomaly before it causes a problem or discovering the problem when the equipment breaks. That also means you can ensure your team is tracking things properly and in a timely manner.


Share pertinent information faster and more efficiently.

Just as electronic log sheets can help you track patterns more easily, they’re also easier to share with your whole team. You no longer need to be in the same room to share pertinent information or scan a physical copy for distribution.

No matter where your team members are, you can share analytics and even assign out additional tasks. 

By switching to a digital maintenance log system such as SmartRounds from Vitralogy, you s
ave time and energy, and ditch the paper maintenance log sheet for good.


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