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July 17, 2020   •   2 minute read

Vitralogy’s Free Wiki Is Your Compliance Playbook for 70+ NYC Regulations

Vitralogy’s Free Wiki Tracks Compliance for 70+ NYC Regulations

Whether you’re a property manager or building owner, regulatory compliance is everything. It helps you keep your tenants and guests safe, maintain the value of your buildings, and avoid hefty fines.

Regulatory compliance requirements can be confusing, however, especially in New York City, where new mandates are passed every year. You need to keep track of various inspection schedules, monitor step-by-step processes for everything from fire alarms to fuel tanks, and quickly and accurately mitigate any mistakes.

That’s why we developed our NYC Regulations Wiki, a free, comprehensive guide to the compliance requirements of more than 70 New York City regulations. From backflow preventers to standpipe systems, it outlines everything you need to know and do to stay up and running.


How does it work?

Go to our online NYC Regulations Wiki and scroll or use the sidebar to jump to the subject you’re seeking information about. Each section contains various inspection and local law requirements. Click on the associated rules to access comprehensive explainers breaking down all the necessary steps to achieve compliance.


Take boiler compliance, for example.

Click “Boiler” on the helpful sidebar.



This brings you to the boiler section, where you can click on “Pressure Relief Valve Annual Inspection,” “Annual Boiler Inspection,” or “Triennial.”

Boiler page 2


Click “Pressure Relief Valve Annual Inspection,” and you’ll be taken to a separate page outlining the inspection and how to schedule it, what to expect, and how and when to file results.



You can do the same with all regulated inspections relevant to your building, including category 1, 3, and 5 elevators; Local Law 33 (on energy); Local Law 69 (bed bugs); Local Laws 76 and 77 (cooling tower compliance); and many more.

Any regulation you need to know about, we’ve got you covered.


What if I have questions?

We have a full-time compliance expert on staff who is available to answer any questions or concerns you have—for free.

Every compliance page features an interactive “Speak to an Expert” field at its bottom, which can be filled out to start a conversation.



How can I use this to maintain compliance?

Our NYC Regulations Wiki is free to use anytime, anywhere, and our compliance expert is available to answer your questions, at no charge.

To take things to the next level, try our smart, data-driven regulatory platform, SmartCompliance.

Among so many extraordinary capabilities, simply upload your last date of inspection and it automatically populates your smart calendar with relevant dates, and sends your team push notifications and reminders. If you fall out of compliance or fail an inspection, SmartCompliance utilizes decision logic to create a whole new set of tasks to get you back on track.

If you’re interested in learning more about NYC regulations, our new wiki, or SmartCompliance, contact us today.

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