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February 05, 2021   •   2 minute read

Staying Ahead of the Compliance Survey - Lunch & Learn Recap

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Last week Vitralogy hosted a Lunch & Learn through ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineers) focused on preparing for EOC & Life Safety surveys at healthcare facilities.  The presentation was guided by our prestigious guest speaker, Joseph A. Glaski, MBA, FASHE, CFDAI, whose experience and industry knowledge is unparalleled in the healthcare compliance field. Joe gave insights into strategies you can adopt to ensure your facility is ready for your next inspection, as well as recent compliance updates. Healthcare Facilities Professionals from across the country attended, and most had questions for Joe. It shows just how important EOC & Life Safety compliance is to the healthcare industry.

If it's not documented, it isn't done.

One of the central themes of the presentation was the importance of keeping precise records and making them centrally available for anyone in your facility; For example, keeping up-to-date Life Safety Drawings accessible. Another important takeaway was to implement processes that foster communication and collaboration across the entire facility. Joe repeated throughout the session - “Knowledge is power!” He emphasized that if anyone at your facility is unclear on certain regulations or what their responsibilities are, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Showing just how important it is to have a good network you can discuss things with.

Want to watch or share the presentation?

Even if you missed the actual event, no worries you can still gain access to the recording and slide deck from the presentation. Feel free to share it with colleagues at your facility or anyone that would benefit from this information.

You can request the recording by filling out our Recording Request Form at the bottom of this page or by following this link:

If you are interested in learning more about how SmartRounds can now be used for Environment of Care Surveys & Life Safety Assessments – Let us know and we will be glad to have a conversation and showcase our technology for you firsthand.

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