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March 02, 2021   •   5 minute read

How to Prepare a Successful HOA Board Meeting


HOA board meetings are great opportunities for Property Managers to demonstrate their value to the association’s board. Throughout the meeting, they can use their experience and collected data to help board members make sound decisions about their communities.  

The real work and valuable contributions begin well before the meeting even starts. As a community manager, you want to ensure that the actual board meeting is spent making decisions, not having long-winded discussions or debates. That means you have some preparation to do, some reports to gather, and some informative material to send out to board members.  

Here are some ways to make sure your next HOA meeting runs smoothly, helping the board to make smart decisions for the building and the community residing within it.  

Start Preparing Early
 Start Preparing Early for HOA Board Meetings

No one wants to rush to prepare. Scrambling for reports is no fun. So, to ensure you have enough time, start preparing and gathering the material we’ve outlined below three weeks prior to the meeting 

Also, send the board packet and any other crucial information to the members at least three days before the meeting. That way the participants will have time to review the material and prime their minds for decision-making.  

Furthermore, if they have any questions about the information, they have adequate time to pose them before the actual meeting. Questions during the meeting will just slow things down, so it’s better to resolve any confusion beforehand.  

Gather and Share Materials 

Depending on your management company’s protocols, you may gather different materials. However, no matter your circumstances, most HOA management teams will need to prepare the following materials:  

  • Board’s Annual Calendar: This calendar outlines critical milestones and events in the community. This includes things like reserve project scheduling, capital project dates, and insurance premium due dates.  
  • List of Action Items: This list contains upcoming and current items that require immediate address, such as an unruly resident or a potential equipment failure. Usually these action items inform the agenda for the board meeting, so they should be shared with the person creating the agenda — usually the HOA president.  
  • Management Report: This is where your management experience really comes into play. Craft a management report that contains recommendations regarding pressing issues or strategies to improve the HOA in some manner. Maybe you have spotted a creative way to improve retention rates. Outline and present it. You have information and experience at your disposal. Draw from it, and remind the board that you weren’t brought in just to manage administrative work, but to think up ideas and plans that bring positive change to the community.  
  • Board Packet: Prior to every meeting, you will complete the board package by adding relevant community information: financial documents, work order reports, maintenance efficiency reports, a log of correspondence, violation reports, and anything else that will provide the board with a high-level overview of what has occurred since the last meeting. To automatically run these reports on work orders, violations, and performance, check out Vitralogy's SmartCompliance platform 

Access to this information will help board members make productive decisions during the board meeting.  

Review The Meeting Agenda 

It is usually the HOA president’s job to finalize the meeting agenda, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t help them craft it. Offer to look it over for them. Offer to give advice about what to include and exclude. Leveraging your expertise and judgment, you can help the president create an agenda that gives rise to an efficient meeting.  

Help Spread The Word 

Depending on the size of your community, you could take on the responsibility of alerting members of the upcoming meeting. Through emails, phone calls, and physical reminders you can help the Board of Directors increase attendance while also taking an administrative load off of their shoulders.  

Set Up The Meeting Room (Or Video Conference)  

The HOA management team should arrive early to the meeting and set up the room or conference. They should ensure that the technology is working properly, the room is clean, and that the necessary materials are present. Your board will appreciate this initiative.  

Think of Ways to Lighten Their Workload 

There are no hard and fast rules for preparing for an HOA board meeting. But, the best HOA management companies do everything in their power to lighten the workload for the Board of Directors and to set the foundation for a successful board meeting. If you keep that in mind and follow the above guidelines, your board members will be thankful they have you involved in the process.  

If you need help running management reports for these meetings check out how Vitralogy's SmartCompliance platform can auto-generate these reports for your next HOA Meeting with just one click.  

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