Why Facility Managers Turn to Third-Party Vendors to Enlist Digital Technology

Digital transformation holds significant benefits for facilities management operations, but is intimidating. A third-party vendor can simplify the process.
June 12, 2019 2 minute read
Vitralogy Technology

It’s no secret that integrating digital technologies within facility management can help maximize operational efficiencies, nor that the companies destined to experience the most growth will be those successfully incorporating these into their business models. Still, such a transformation can be fairly intimidating, especially to those unfamiliar with tech and its associated benefits. It doesn't have to be, however, especially when you have help.

Truly "going digital" with a full "digital transformation" means much more than simply adopting tech. It entails applying the right technology to facilitate greater understanding among team members and enact valuable improvements.

In facilities management, this enhances efficiencies in several ways, among these:

  • Increasing Transparency to Highlight Opportunities

Digitizing facility processes visualizes system mechanisms, stages and progress, for greater transparency. This ensures everyone is on the same page, improves accountability, and empowers managers to identify additional opportunities for improvement.

  • Providing Quantifiable Data to Drive Performance

Digital automation streamlines facility operations by collecting useful data and analytics to inform decisions and better guide budget and resource allocations.

  • Eliminating Redundancies to Cut Costs

Digitally tracking facility activities eliminates duplicate efforts and tasks, cutting unnecessary costs and boosting the bottom line, enabling more effective apportionment of funds.


Many facility managers, however, still remain hesitant. Let's dissect the reasons why.

The biggest inhibition regards the required coordination between all those involved—aka stakeholder management and engagement. This not only includes staff and departments within an organization, but also outside of it: customers, vendors and contractors, among others. Collective understanding and cooperation is critical for the new processes to thrive and yield the greatest impacts.

Another trepidation may be the sheer number of tech fields involved in facility management. These include computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain-based systems, and more.

Navigating these and successfully executing a comprehensive digital transformation can therefore be overwhelming, without a guide.

Facility managers should make every effort to follow best practices, which begins with enlisting a viable solution.

Working with a third-party vendor can help.

Transformational technologies are an excellent and increasingly necessary means of improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of facility operations and maintenance. Facility managers have a lot to oversee, though, and building these automated systems in-house can be unnecessary and time-consuming—especially when there are expert vendors available providing such technologies.

Vitralogy makes this transition simple—because when it comes to facility management, there's a lot at stake.

Whether overseeing a healthcare facility, an apartment building, or a retail facility, there are a great deal of moving parts involved in ensuring full efficiency in operations. From helping identify current inadequacies to coordinating between all stakeholders and effectively documenting workflows to guarantee accountability, Vitralogy helps facility managers optimize performance and maintain compliancy via predictive technologies, advanced analytics, AI, and intelligent automation.


Vitralogy’s intuitive platform automates key aspects of facility maintenance in one centralized, cloud-based system. Request a demo, today.


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