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January 18, 2019   •   1 minute read

Why 2019 Will Be the Year of Legionella Compliance

Vitralogy-Blog-Why-2019-Will-Be-the-Year-of-Legionella-Compliance2018 promised to be a significant year in Legionella compliance, and it delivered. Early on, we anticipated that after a period of leniency since Local Law 77 went into effect in 2015, forgiveness toward buildings not adhering to its specific mandates would run out. As the months continued, this assertion proved correct.

The violations poured in, to the surprise of many building owners who'd previously avoided sizable fines by learning the new requirements during the temporary reprieve. As we’ve emphasized in the past, though, officials' strict Legionella compliance enforcement is necessary.

Summer and fall 2018 saw two of the worst Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks in New York City since those prompting the inception of Local Law 77 in 2015.

Both occurred in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, with 43 people falling ill, and two losing their lives. 

Despite such serious consequences of mismanaging Legionella bacteria prevention and mitigation, the violations continued, even for those properties that were striving to remain compliant. The process established by Local Law 77, though comprehensive and essential, proved to be fairly complicated and difficult to navigate.

That’s where Vitralogy has been able to step in with its cutting-edge platform and help many of these facilities maintain Legionella compliance. We’ve had the privilege of working with renowned medical institutions, real estate giants, large retailers, and many more throughout New York City, bringing them all into compliance and eliminating their violations.

Our technology is constantly evolving to achieve these extraordinary results for an even wider range of clients.

The launch of our Virtual Logbook is just one of the developments we are proud to have introduced this year. The first and only Virtual Logbook ready for a DOH Inspection.  It serves as a central hub for users, automatically uploading all documentation so stakeholders can access it anytime, from anywhere—further helping reduce unnecessary violations due to process breakdowns.

We look forward to continued innovation to simplify the Legionella compliance process even further.

With Local Law 77's enforcement consistently proving that these regulations are not going anywhere, and Vitralogy's ever-expanding technology to make maintaining a facility’s Legionella compliance simpler than ever, now is the time for building owners across New York City to prioritize their cooling tower maintenance, and make 2019 the year of Legionella compliance.

Learn more about what Vitralogy can do for your facility, and contact us, today.

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Solutions by Vitralogy


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