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See how Vitralogy uses predictive technologies, advanced analytics, and intelligent automation to help your business to drive efficiencies and stay competitive.

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Service Validation

Provide your team with intelligent, fully automated, service validation tools that will transform your operations.

Today's businesses are arming themselves with technology to help them stay competitive and to scale for the future. Vitralogy has designed and built a Service Validation tool that works "in-line" with your current work order management system, or as it's own standalone intelligent maintenance solution for any trade or service that needs to be monitored.

If you are still counting on KPIs and metrics that are outdated and simply don't move the needle, then maybe it's time you see what Vitralogy has to offer. 

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Service Validation for Retail

Learn how Vitralogy uses predictive technology, weather data, and artificial intelligence to automate and validate your snow removal services, reducing costs by up to 30%
Real Estate

Cooling Tower  Compliance (LL77)

See how Vitralogy uses intelligent automation, asset tagging, and A.I. to streamline regulatory processes, ensure vendor compliance, and greatly reduce risk and liability.  


Find out how Vitralogy optimized one of the largest and most prestigious hospital groups in New York City, by validating services across every link of their vendor chain. 

Service Audit

Find what you didn't even know you lost

Retailers and building owners are embracing emerging technologies to help keep them competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

While most retailers today focus on the "front of house" to deploy new technologies and create the "store of the future", it is their "back of house" where they can find real opportunities for lowering operating costs. Finding lost revenue is not hard to find when you know where to look. Vitralogy makes it simple.

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Compliance Automation

Are you ready to build a Smarter Operations?

Intelligent workflows integrate with new technologies like artificial intelligence, weather data integration, near field communications, asset tagging, and even service automation in ways that work for your business. There is no off-the-shelf software that can solve all the challenges your business will face. Vitralogy can help you to reinvent every part of your business.

Our industry experts can help you to build a smarter enterprise, avoid disruptions, reduce costs and reinvent your business for the future. Having the right technology is important. Having a partner who is truly aligned with you and your business is essential.

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